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Scientists From S’pore University Developed Reusable Mask That Filters 99.9% Of Bacteria And V

The most widely used mask in medical settings, the N95 mask which is able to protect against up to 95% of aerosol droplets and airborne particulate matter has been dethroned by a new reusable face mask developed by a team of scientist from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University! It was claimed that it filters 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and particulate matter.

Credit: Asia One

According to the scientists, the face mask is made of antimicrobial coating made from copper oxide nanoparticles, and a non-woven fabric filter boasting static-electricity properties. The efficacy of the new face mask was tested in collaboration with a team from the National University of Singapore (NUS), where a drug-resistant bacteria was sprayed onto the mask in the form of droplets. And to their astonishment, the bacteria dies within 45 seconds!

On top of that, wearers of the mask will be able to breathe much easier while the mask blocks out extremely small particulates at a higher rate because of having a single layer that performs all of the necessary protection tasks, unlike other masks which requires multiple layers to protect the wearer.

NTU said that they are currently looking to work closely with interested collaborators and industry partners to license and mass produce these masks. The team behind the reusable mask is now preparing detailed papers and reports to be submitted to scientific journals.


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