• Jonathan Shiek

Scary movies you should Be Watching Before 2020 Ends

The excitement scary movies bring you feels like your first kiss or the first time you ride the rollercoaster. Dopamine tagging along with adrenaline – that’s the combination that makes the thrill. Here are the top 5 scary movies of 2020 you should be watching.

The Platform:

Gnarly, bloody, and confusing this movie would leave your head in swirls. A prison that involves prisoners feasting on the delicious food served on a platform, descending each level for the prisoners to feast but “if” there are any leftovers. 

The Invisible Man:

After Staging his suicide, a crazy scientist decides to become invincible and get revenge on his ex-girlfriend. She must have been that confident to drive him insane.

The Host:

A modern horror movie involving a meet up with friends via zoom call. Since the pandemic restricted most of our ability to socialize at the bar or pub, why not replicate that feeling, but let’s add a lil twist involving a seance. 

The Wolf House:

A stomach-churning movie with animated visuals that combines the elements of stop motion. A perception of a distorted reality as if your inner demons were coming to life in an art form.


An ultraviolent sci-fi movie that could make you want to hide your face due to the fact an assassin takes control of other people’s bodies using brain-implant technology to execute high-profile targets.

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