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Say Goodbye To NTV7 Channel And Hello To DidikTV

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

It is time for Malaysians to bid goodbye to the familiar channel that gave us all those “Feel Good” shows for the past 23 years.

Launched in 1998, NTV7 offers a wide range of television programmes from classic American series to Hong Kong TVB dramas and even its own locally produced drama series.

As Malaysia’s second oldest private television channel, ntv7 was previously acquired by Media Prima in 2005, along with other local channels like TV3, 8TV and TV9.

Throughout the years, ntv7 saw several changes made to its logo design as well as its selection of TV programmes. In the past few years, ntv7 was mostly airing content from WOWSHOP, an online shopping programme, while also featuring DidikTV programmes from 9am to 12pm.

Good bye ntv7…. — Zir^🧣 (@Zir80s) February 15, 2021

However, starting tomorrow, the local channel will officially be rebranded to DidikTV exclusively. The new educational network is introduced by the education ministry (MOE) to broadcast specially designed content based on MOE’s curriculum and co-curriculum.

DidikTV is part of the MOE’s efforts to increase students access to quality educational content. Apart from educational programmes, the channel will also feature entertainment and international programmes that cater to students.

The new channel will be broadcasting from 8am to midnight everyday via channel 107 on MYTV and 147 on Astro. For TV Unifi users, DidikTV is available daily from 7am to midnight on channel 147.


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