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Sarawak Fashion Label Turns Old GrabFood Delivery Bags Into School Bags For Orphans

Local Sarawakian fashion label, Neng Kho Razali decided to upcycle old GrabFood delivery bags into school bags to be donated to orphanages. You’ll be surprised, as there are actually so many GrabFood bags that were thrown away as riders are actually required to replace their bags every 9 months.

Instead of dumping them on the garbage pile, the local fashion label partnered with Grab to upcycle these used bags and give them a second life. It takes a lot of effort to upcycle them, once they are sent over to the fashion house, the bags are immediately sanitised and ripped apart. They will then pick out the usable parts to be soaked, washed, and dried.

Credit: Neng Kho Razali

Credit: Neng Kho Razali

The fashion label will then sew the pieces into school bags, pencil cases, and bags to store money or masks. Following this, the final products will be donated to orphanages and the needy. The brand has already converted over 200 Grab delivery bags into 400 items since last year!

I love the amount of effort they put into this, the products look amazing and it’s for a good cause! Thumbs up for Neng Kho Razali!


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