• Jonathan Shiek

Samsung Is Working On A Double-Folding Phone

If you weren’t impressed by a smartphone that folds once, how about twice? You heard me right, twice. Samsung (of course it’s Samsung) might be launching a new phone that is able to fold twice! The design is still in testing stages, but some leaked details stated that the phone screen when fully unfolded, would have a “mainstream” aspect ratio of 16:9 or 18:9, making it easier to game and use certain apps.

Credit: Wccftech

Credit: SoyaCincau

According to Nikkei, Samsung has big ambitions to follow up with its foldable phone series. The company also plans to launch new versions of its Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy X Flip foldable phones this year. Exciting plans ahead of us this year, can’t wait to see the full design and specs of this new double-folding smartphone!

What do you think about it? Living for the idea or a hard pass?


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