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Samfu or Cheongsam: Netizens Tried Guessing This RTM Newscaster’s Outfit

You may have heard of the black and blue vs white and gold dress debate, well, Malaysians are now questioning if the festive red outfit donned by a RTM newscaster was actually a samfu or cheongsam.

For your info, both the samfu and cheongsam (also known as qipao) are traditional Chinese costumes. The former caters to men while the latter is meant for women, which is why this news is attracting so much attention because netizens are confused as to why the male newscaster appears to be wearing a women’s cheongsam.

This is how a cheongsam (left) and samfu (right) usually looks like.

RTM’s director of public relation division, K. Krishnamoorthy explained that they actually referred to their stylist Jenny Kueh, who told them that the trendy outfit is called a samfu which originates from a traditional outfit from the Machu ethnic group in China.

The only problem is, the outfit was a wrong size fit for their newscaster, Mohd Dhihya Sahlan. The RTM newscaster was on air on the first day of Chinese New Year to read for the Berita Wilayah slot on TV1, which was broadcast from Sabah.

Since then, photos of the male newscaster wearing the Chinese costume has made rounds on social media, sparking a mix of negative and confused comments that range from criticisms towards RTM for the inappropriate choice of clothing to discussions about the design of the outfit.

In fact, most members in the Malaysian fashion industry believe that the outfit was not a well-designed piece as the piping neck design along with the thin and shiny fabric made the outfit look feminine.

This piping and collar design is for female cheongsam. — 🇲🇾 Hello, my 🤨🤨🤨💕 (@ShiAhJCW) February 17, 2021

However, RTM’s stylist Kueh clarified that their choice of samfu is a shorter version as opposed to the samfu that Wong Fei Hung wore in Once Upon A Time In China that was longer and almost reaches the feet.


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