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Salad Atelier Collaborates With Harvest Gourmet & Nestlé To Release Meatless Menu

More and more people are trying to go for carbon neutral diets, as choosing to reduce meat consumption could help minimise the carbon footprint which is the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that causes global warming and climate change. Shifting our mindset and being more mindful of our eating consumption will not only keep you healthy, but also prevent carbon emissions from being created which eventually helps preserve the environment.

Salad Atelier is a local salad bar that focuses on healthy customisable salad meals available with 80 toppings and 25 homemade dressing to fit each customers’ preference. They are committed to venture into No Beef Diet Type to remove all red meat in their future menus that reduces carbon emission rate by eating their salad.

For the second time, Salad Atelier is collaborating with Harvest Gourmet to produce a new Meatless Menu which is one of the steps taken to bring down carbon emission by 2030. The Salad Atelier Meatless Menu consists of 3 meals which replaces meat with Harvest Gourmet sustainable and meatless superfood as a plant-based alternative, such as the Meatless Chargrilled Wrap, the Meatless Samurai Poke, and the Meatless Autumn Crunch!

The Meatless Chargrilled Wrap comes with Harvest Gourmet’s chargrilled pieces, paired with homemade salsa, freshly made guacamole, black beans, and honey mustard in a burrito. The second meal, the Meatless Samurai Poke includes Harvest Gourmet’s chargrilled pieces and several Japanese inspired toppings! Last but not least, the Meatless Autumn Crunch features roasted eggplant, grapes, beet, broccoli, carrot, Harvest Gourmet’s chargrilled pieces in a bowl of garden greens, and creamy homemade Tangy mango dressing.

It doesn’t stop there, Salad Atelier is also collaborating with Nescafé to release 3 new smoothies that would pair perfectly with the Meatless Menu! The new smoothies that you could pick up from Salad Atelier are the Avocado Latte, Peanut Butter Cinnamon Latte, and the Coffee Banana Latte.

We’ve personally tried all of the new additions to the Meatless Menu, and the taste is suprisingly tasty even for a meat lover. If you’re looking for an alternative to meat and a healthier option for your detox or everyday meals, it is definitely worth the try! We highly recommend adding their creamy homemade Tangy mango dressing to their Meatless Samurai Poke and Meatless Autumn Crunch as it compliments the dishes so well! As for the new drink collaborations, they’re extremely unique and rich, right up our alley! Definitely a worthwhile experience!

In conjunction with World Coffee Month, the local salad bar will be having a Buy 1 Free 2 promo which allows customers to purchase a set at RM29.90 that comes with 1 main, 1 coffee smoothie, and a free cup of Americano with an additional free premium Nestlé coaster! If you’re dying to get your hands on the promotion, the deal is only available in-store!

Check out Salad Atelier’s website, Instagram, and Facebook for more information!

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