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Sabah Student Shows Off His Skills On TikTok After Learning 5 Languages On YouTube

Azrey Henderey, a 20-year-old broadcasting student from Sabah attracted many local and foreign viewers on TikTok, due to his amazing ability to speak 5 different languages. In his TikTok videos, you can see the content creator conversing in foreign languages while chatting online through social media with his friends abroad.

What’s even more impressive is that he learned all of these languages through YouTube and not a formal language class! This really proves that you can learn just about anything online without actually attending a class. Not including the national language Bahasa Malaysia and his local Sungai Kalabuan dialect, Henderey can speak Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, and also English!

“I want to travel the world one day, so I want to learn all the cultures and languages of the world to be able to understand the people of other countries better. I want to be able to speak as many languages as possible,” Henderey told Bernama. “I could not afford formal lessons to attend classes because of the high fees, so I learn through YouTube, and I find it faster to learn through video than from books,” he added.

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He befriended a lot of foreigners from different countries through social media after completing secondary school, and while it was hard to communicate with them, his friends would encourage him to learn their languages. Henderey mentioned that he uses the OmeTV app to practice speaking foreign languages as it enables him to socialise with various individuals from around the world.

That said, he isn’t stopping at just 5 languages. He said that his next plan is to learn Polish, German, and Korean! If you’re interested to check out his videos, follow him on TikTok @azreykun18 !


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