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S’porean Grandma Eats 10 Bowls Of Curry Mee In 45 Mins Before Dine-In Restrictions

If you could go back in time to the moments right before lockdown, what is the one dish you wish you could savour for as long as possible? As Singaporeans prepare themselves for the upcoming month-long dine-in restrictions, a 67-year-old grandmother is proving that when it comes to eating your favourite food, there’s no such thing as too much.

Apparently, the woman, Jiang Ahua has been a longtime fan of the curry noodles at a Tampines hawker stall. As a routine, she would even visit the hawker centre three to four times a week with her husband, just to enjoy her favourite dish amongst many other food.

Upon hearing the announcement about the dine-in restrictions, Jiang was quick to visit her favourite hawker stall, and ordered 10 small bowls of curry noodles for herself. According to stall owner Huang Guoxiong, most young people were able to eat three to four bowls of that portion size while customers his size could probably eat up to five or six bowls maximum.

So naturally, when he heard the 67-year-old grandma’s order, he thought she was boasting. Huang even offered to provide Jiang’s meal for free if she could really finish all 10 bowls of curry noodles. And the best part is, she managed to do it in just 45 minutes!

“Grandmother may have aged and looked petite but she can really eat,” said Huang. He added that over the past decade of business, this is the first time he’s encountered a customer who managed to eat that many bowls of noodles in one go. Hats off to ah ma!


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