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S’pore Customer Wants Full Refund From Prawn Mee Seller Because The Prawns Weren’t Peele

A prawn mee hawker in Singapore recently took to Facebook to share their baffling encounter with an entitled customer who demanded for a full refund because the seller did not peel off the prawn shells as per the customer’s request.

“Joke of the month. Our delivery partner Deliveroo emailed us to say that a customer who ordered prawn mee yesterday is asking for a full refund of a bowl of mee because the prawns came with shell,” wrote the prawn mee seller, Deanna’s Kitchen.

The best part is, in a photo taken by the customer, you can clearly see that they have already eaten almost all the noodles and clams in the dish. But because the prawns were not peeled as promised, the customer had the audacity to request for a full refund from the seller.

Credits: Deanna’s Kitchen (Facebook)

Deanna’s Kitchen stood their ground and explained that they did not agree to the refund, and will instead wait for Deliveroo’s updates on the situation. At the same time, they also urged their customers to be more compassionate and understand the seller’s struggles of running a small business during hard times like these.

Luckily, most netizens are on the seller’s side in this case. One user even hilariously revealed that they actually prefer to eat the prawns WITH the shell every time, how interesting.

Credits: Deanna’s Kitchen (Facebook)

In latest news, Deanna’s Kitchen has updated that Deliveroo will not be deducting the refund from their sales, but we’re not sure if the customer still managed to get their refund though, I sure hope not.


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