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Russian Military Trains Service Dogs To Skydive From 13,000 Feet Above Ground

Have you ever seen a dog jumping out of a helicopter from an altitude of 13,000 feet? As scary and crazy as that may sound, it’s what the Russia’s Ministry of Defense is prepping their service dogs for as part of the canine’s military training.

But don’t worry because the doggos will not be skydiving alone as they’ll be attached to their human handler. Moreover, the parachutes used in the training were specially designed to ensure that both man and dog can be dropped safely in places where it’s impossible to land a plane or helicopter.

In a video footage released by the parachute manufacturing company, Technodinamika, a muzzled German Shepherd was seen to be strapped tightly to the front of its human handler, who tried to calm the dog by petting it repeatedly. After jumping out of the plane, the duo was flying through mid-air before the handler opened the parachute, allowing them to land safely without any complications.

Upon reaching the ground, the handler was able to remove the dog muzzle and through it all, the canine remained obedient. According to the handler who tested the parachute with the dog, the canine was not given any food or water before the drill to prepare for the dive.

Although the chief designer of parachute systems at Technodinamika assured that the dog was able to behave normally and get ready to perform its tasks after the jump, some netizens are worried that this might give the dog PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder). What do you think about allowing dogs to skydive for military training?


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