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Rumors Suggest That the New iPhone 13 Could Be Portless

First the charging brick and now the ports. It seems Apple is rather fixated on simplifying their products… but why?

Well it is probably in line with Apple’s vision for a cable-less future. This can be seen with their introduction of the AirPods and their questionable move to remove the power adapter from the latest iPhone 12 in favor of the new MagSafe charger.

Moving forward, Apple’s next big move in seek of this future may involve the removal of ports in the new iPhone 13. Recent leaks from Appleosophy suggest that the device could ditch the Lightning connection entirely and go completely portless.

Credits: Deccan Chronicle

According to them, Apple’s hardware and software engineers are exploring a method of iPhone recovery over the internet, which would use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth rather than a physical cable to reset an iPhone which seems to be the primary reason for the removal of the ports. Though, the Bluetooth method of recovery is still being questioned due to the safety and privacy concerns.

As of right now, you can factory reset your iPhone through iOS settings but if the device isn’t capable of turning on, you will need to hook it up to a PC or MAC. However with the introduction of the new system, you may no longer need to do so. Instead the iPhone would broadcast a sort of help signal via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which would enable a recovery.

That said, these ideas are still in their experimental stage and I suppose we will have to wait for September 2021 before we can confirm any of this.

What do you think about this so-called wireless future?


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