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RIP Ken, The Adorable Shiba Inu That Manned A Sweet Potato Stand In Japan

Do you still remember the adorable Shiba Inu dog that was pictured to be manning a roast sweet potato stand in Sapporo, Hokkaido? Well, I have some bad news… The cute doggo that won all our hearts has unfortunately passed away this week on 6 June.

Known as Ken, the six-year-old canine has his own Twitter and Instagram page to document his adorable moments. On 31 May, it was announced on both platforms that Ken had fallen sick and will be receiving medical treatment.

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After receiving tons of supportive messages from fans, it was revealed that Ken had returned home on 5 June, but he had to be accompanied with an oxygen machine. Sadly, just a day later, Ken was said to have left us after he passed away at 12.50pm.

お知らせ 本日6月6日12時50分 旅立ちました。 沢山の応援を頂き、ケンもきっと 喜んでいたとおもいます。 最後に大好きだった お店のあるおうちに帰ってこれて よかったとおもいます。 皆様 本当に ありがとうございました。 — imoya KEN! (@ImoyaKen) June 6, 2021

“Lastly, I’m glad I came back to the house where my favorite shop was. Thank you very much, everyone,” said Ken in a final message.

According to its website, Ken had been “working” at Inu noYakiimo-ya-san, which translates to Dog’s Roasted Sweet Potato Stand, since he was two years old. At work, Ken’s job is to man the store and greet customers who would then deposit ¥200 (RM7.50) in the coin slot and pick up a roasted sweet potato from the warming box.

The stand gained popularity as the only stall that’s being managed by a dog employee and there’s no doubt in my mind that Ken must’ve been the best employee ever. May he rest peacefully in doggo heaven.


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