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Riot Games Confirmed Valorant Mobile Is In The Works Along With Battle Royale Mode

We’ve been hearing rumours of Riot Games working on Valorant Mobile but there were no confirmations until recently from a Valorant checklist leaks on Discord. Valorant recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, sharing that the game has garnered about 14 million players today, and more than half of the players are from CS:GO’s player base.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Valorant Mobile, leaks since October 2020 suggests that Riot Games is working on a Japanese Agent, Mobile version announcement in June/ Summer, Battle Royale Mode, and 5v5 bots mode (players vs AI, similar to League of Legends’ co-op).

#ValorantMobile is apparently official. I have a checklist of Valorant leaks in a Discord. ValorantM getting announced in June was one of those listed. TBH I didn't expect the time to be that accurate, thought the project a delayed. Pretty cool.#ValorantBattleRoyale when? — PlayerIGN (@PlayerIGN) June 2, 2021

The release date for the mobile version of Valorant has yet to be announced, but keep your eyes glued to their social media to be the first to find out!

What do you think about a mobile version of the first-person shooter game?


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