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Researchers Develop ‘World-First Weight-Loss Device’ That Works By Locking Your Mouth Sh

There are plenty of ways for a person to lose weight, but this latest invention developed by the University of Otago, New Zealand seems like the worst option ever. Known as DentalSlim Diet Control, the device is attached inside the user’s mouth to forcibly keep their jaw shut and prevents them from eating, which just sounds painful and torturous!

Said to be the “world-first weight-loss device”, the DentalSlim Diet Control is designed to fit to the upper and lower back teeth, and uses magnets and locking bolts to keep users from opening their mouth for more than 2mm wide. The whole idea of this tool is to restrict users from consuming solid foods and limiting them to a liquid diet.

Credits: University of Otago

With the help of other researchers in the UK, the medical experts at the university created this device to help fight the global obesity epidemic. Apparently, participants who tried on the product reportedly lost an average of 6.36kg in two weeks and were even motivated to continue with their weight loss journey.

According to the inventors, the device enables users to speak freely without restricting their breathing at all. “It is a non-invasive, reversible, economical and attractive alternative to surgical procedures. The fact is, there are no adverse consequences with this device,” said University of Otago Health Sciences Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Brunton.

Credits: University of Otago

But the internet definitely thinks otherwise as some netizens have called the tool a “torture device”, while others also pointed out that users can simply melt their food, like chocolate and continue to consume it in liquid form.

What are your thoughts about this interesting invention, yay or nay?


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