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Reports Found Malaysians Losing Over RM38mil To Spam Calls Within The First 3 Months Of 2021

For a couple of years now, stories of spam and fraud calls surfaced, revealing a lot of victims who lose a huge sum of money to these phone scammers. According to a phone safety tech company Truecaller, Malaysians lost hundreds of millions of ringgit to these scam calls within the past 2 years alone!

Data provided by Malaysian authorities show that over RM254 million was lost across 5,725 fraud cases in 2019 alone. As of March 2021, over 1,392 cases of scam calls were reported to the authorities, with more than RM38 million lost in just 3 month of the year.

Truecaller mentioned that most victims typically include individuals who are closer to retirement ages and those who are less tech savvy. One of the highlighted cases where Malaysians lost a huge amount of money was to the Macau scam syndicate.

Credit: Truecaller

"Normally, the culprit behind these scams (the unknown caller) claims to be an officer from a government body such as the police, customs department, Bank Negara Malaysia, the courts or from private bodies such as banking institutions. Their purpose is to scam potential victims into believing that they have issues with the authorities, forcing them to disclose their personal and financial information," Truecaller said.

Sadly, most victims got scammed during the Covid-19 pandemic, as scammers prey on the fears and insecurities of those looking to safeguard themselves and loved ones during this dire time. "The COVID-19 infection in March, which led to people panicking, has led to spammers and scammers capitalizing on this opportunity – whether it was about selling life-saving drugs, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, or securing scarce hospital beds," Truecaller added.

"On average, Truecaller users in Malaysia receive over eight million spam calls per month, and nine out of 10 of all these spam calls in Malaysia were correctly identified by Truecaller."

Have you received any scam calls in the past year?


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