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Renowned Ocean Explorer Who Found The Titanic Was Rejected When Offered To Search For MH370

I’m sure you still remember the tragedy of the Malaysia Airlines flight, MH370 that went missing back in 2014. Well, known for his 1985 discovery of the Titanic shipwreck, renowned deep-sea explorer, Bob Ballard said that he would gladly be onboard to search for the missing MH370.

Credit: Nautilus Live

Ballard was willingly trying to lend a hand, “I was first on the phone call to Australia, who was really controlling the shots there. Even if they didn’t use my assets (in the search), I know how to find things, maybe I could help walk through the logic of it all, but they said they didn’t need me.”

Even though being rejected for his help, he still said that he would help to look for the plane and share with them his intellect. However, he told National Geographic that they never let him sit down at the table. Adding to that, a report by Daily Star said that the underwater archaeologist added that technological advances in the recent years could significantly increase the chances of finding the missing plane.

Credit: Smithsonian Magazine

That said, Ballard will be setting out on another expedition for one of the world’s biggest mysteries, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart’s plane, which vanished over the central Pacific Ocean in 1937. He apparently attempted back in 2019 but was unsuccessful, although he did mention that it gave him and his team a chance to test new tools and technology during the search.


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