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Registered Senior Citizens To Be Fully Vaccinated By End Of July

Khairy Jamaluddin mentioned in a tweet that the next 3 months will be crucial as our country is receiving a huge number of vaccine doses. Currently, Malaysia is hitting about 250,000 doses daily and it aims to increase up to 300,000 a day in July.

Meanwhile, more than 60% of registered senior citizens in Malaysia have received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Khairy said that the programme aims to fully vaccinate all registered senior citizens by the end of this month. Although citizens below 60-years-old are starting to receive their vaccination, individuals under Phase 2 which are senior citizens, people with chronic diseases, and people with disabilities will still be prioritised.

The next three months will be the busiest and most crucial period of PICK as we ramp up capacity across the — Khairy Jamaluddin 🇲🇾🌺 (@Khairykj) July 3, 2021

Senior citizens that have yet to receive their vaccination appointment can still use the Helpdesk feature on the MySejahtera app. Besides Phase 2, the government has also started rolling out Phase 4 which prioritises workers in crucial economic sectors like manufacturing, transport, construction, and plantation.

Khairy added that Malaysia recently received vaccine donations from the US, Japan, and China, so we can expect more than 12 million doses of vaccine arriving this month!


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