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Razer Is Selling Their Reusable Straws For RM99

Yes you read the title right, gaming brand Razer is taking eco-friendly to another level by creating their very own reusable straw. Razer previously shook the world by creating the RGB clear masks, which were pretty cool in my opinion, but now the brand decided to take things a little differently.

Credit: Razer

So the part that will get you going ‘wtf’, is the price of the reusable straw, which will be sold for RM99. Why is it even that expensive? Well, Razer prides that it is the first stainless steel straw that uses a telescopic design (collapsible). When collapsed, it measures about 100mm in length but when fully extended it extends to 230mm. This design allows easy storage, making it even more portable while it could be pocketed easily.

Other than that, Razer’s distinct neon green is placed on the tip of the reusable straw as a silicon tip to prevent scalding of the lips when you’re sipping on hot drinks. Lastly, there’s a sleek looking case for the reusable straw which also comes with a cleaning brush. Unfortunately, the Razer straw will not come with the usual RGB lighting, which I’m pretty disappointed with, but it makes more sense without as it is impractical.

So, do you think this straw is worth RM99?


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