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RASA Food Arena At Suria KLCC Has Closed Down For Good After 22 Years

Not sure about you, but the food court at Suria KLCC is one of my favourite spots for a meal at the mall, the obvious reason being the relatively cheap prices, but also because there’s just so much great food to choose from! Sadly, those days of struggling to find an empty table at the Level 4 RASA Food Arena may be behind us, because the beloved food court is closing down for good.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the permanent closure of RASA Food Arena, Suria KLCC, from 1st September 2021. Thank you for your patronage over the wonderful 22 years. It has been our ultimate pleasure to serve you,’ read a statement by the food court.

Although the reason for closure wasn’t stated, most of us are painfully aware of how many businesses have been affected by this pandemic. Since the news made its way across social media, netizens have already begun reminiscing about their favourite food orders and memories at the food court.

What about you, do you have a favourite food stall or memory at the food court? Let us know!


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