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Rapid KL Apologises For Endangering Passengers When LRT Doors Remained Open On A Moving Train

In May, 2 LRTs on the Kelana Jaya Line collided which caused 213 passengers injured. Meanwhile, social media user @perksofbeingsxf recently eposted a short clip of another LRT from the same line with its doors wide open despite moving! It was seen speeding past Ara Damansara with very few passengers onboard – thankfully!

According to the person who recorded the video, the incident happened around 3pm on 26 July when the train was travelling from the Ara Damansara LRT station to the Lembah Subang LRT station. To her surprise, the doors closed when the LRT arrived at the next station. However, she was disappointed that no workers approached the passengers to ask if they were okay.

and suddenly i feel like I’m in divergent @MyRapidKL what is this behaviour 😩 — 🦋🥀 (@perksofbeingsxf) July 27, 2021

She told SAYS, “But there was someone from Rapid KL [who] entered the LRT to check out the door but that’s about it.” Right after the clip went viral with more than 260,000 views and 11,400 retweets, Rapid KL decided to release a statement on Facebook. On 27 July, Rapid KL wrote, “The incident was discovered immediately by the Operations Control Centre and the train was taken out of service less than 2 minutes later when it reached the LRT Lembah Subang Station that is located about 900 metres away from LRT Ara Damansara Station. It was then sent to the depot for immediate inspection and further investigation.”

That said, I’m glad there were no casualties during the “opened door” incident.


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