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Rapid KL Apologises For Cleaners' Careless Sanitising Work On LRT As Seen In Viral Video

Credits: devprasad888 (Twitter)

Netizens are concerned and horrified after coming across a video on Twitter that showed two janitors carelessly sanitising the handrails on an LRT with a wipe cloth. The incident received backlash from netizens, who urged Rapid KL to terminate the contract cleaners if their actions in the video were proven to be true.

Since then, Rapid KL has issued a public apology on Twitter, followed with a video showing its cleaners performing a more thorough sanisation work. The company also explained that in the original viral video, the cleaners were cleaning the train at the LRT Ampang station, which is the final stop for the LRT Ampang/Sri Petaling line.

The sanitisation work is said to be an "additional measure" that's done whenever the trains reach the last station and cease operation for the day. “However, the video showed that the cleaning was done in a hasty and dissatisfactory manner," said Rapid KL in a tweet.

“Such display of non-compliance to Rapid KL’s prescribed Covid-19 prevention measures is alarming and we have taken swift action to reprimand the vendor and discuss remedial and preventive actions to ensure this does not recur."

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