• Jonathan Shiek

Racism Still Very Much Alive in Malaysians

In spite of global movements to combat racism, it seems we Malaysians have choosen to turn a blind eye towards it. We as Malaysians are better than this. We should be better than this and I am devastated as a Malaysian, that we, as a community can let something this appalling happen in our own backyard.

In a Caring Cup match between KL and Selangor, Selangor FC’s Nigerian player, Ifedayo Omosuyi became the victim of racism when KL football fans threw racial slurs (monkey) at the player.

Credits: Selangor FC

Unfortunately, this is far from the first time this has happened in Malaysia. In 2019, former Selangor player Antonio Timothy German left the Malaysian football scene due to racial abuse after only a month. This was due to the racial abuse he suffered during matches and on social media where some ‘fans’ said “he was too Black to play football” (What the…).

After the match, where KL won, die-hard KL fans gathered outside the KLFA stadium, where some of them became very hostile towards Ifedayo Omosuyi throwing insult after insult.

I sincerely hope that the authorities will take action against such juvenile behavior as not only does it hinder the progress of internationalising Malaysian football, it also gives us a bad name.

Let’s take a step back for a minute here. We as Malaysians, by now, we should know how painful racism is, having endured the pains of the past. How can we claim to be a progressive society when we still act like delinquents?


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