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Queen Elizabeth is Left With a Void in Her Life After the Death of Prince Philip

Following the passing of Prince Philip, Prince Andrew, offspring of Queen Elizabeth and the recently deceased Duke of Edinburgh told the media how the death of his father has left the queen with a “huge void in her life”.

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The Duke of York further told the media that he felt sorrowed for his mother who is taking the loss of Philip harder than anyone else. Unfortunately, all he can do is offer his full and unyielding support to his mother.

Philip was the longest-serving consort in British history and perhaps even the world. More than that, he was also the lifelong companion of the queen. As such, one can only imagine the devastation the Queen has to endure.

Philip passed away at the age of 99 on Friday and his body will be laid to rest at Windsor Castle after a closed funeral on 17 April, Saturday.

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Upon the news of his passing, world leaders all around the globe sent over tributes and words of compassion and comfort. In addition, the royal family also received personalized messages from every living US President detailing their experiences with the deceased prince.

When questioned by the media regarding the condition of Queen Elizabeth, Andrew replied that “The Queen as you would expect is an incredibly stoic person. She described his passing as a miracle.”

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Andrew added saying that “He was a remarkable man, I loved him as a father. He was so calm. If you had a problem he would think about it, before offering advice.” He was always someone you could go to.” In Andrew’s final statement, he said “We’ve lost the grandfather of the nation.”


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