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PUMA’s New EDM-Inspired Collection Celebrates DJ, Dance, And Music Culture

PUMA’s latest collection is bringing back its Mirage series to add a “futuristic” touch in design that’s inspired by “the world of DJs and electronic dance music (EDM)”. Music fans can also look forward to PUMA’s Mirage Tech collection that features French DJ and record producer DJ Snake as its ambassador.

The fashion sportswear company also announced a South East Asia Campaign called ‘Foot Tapping’ that features a wholesome collaboration between its Southeast Asian ambassadors, Singaporean artists Tosh Rock and Inquisitive, along with Indonesian DJ KILD and Malaysian DJ Yusef Kifah.

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The campaign even features a special EDM track that’s created through motion and foot-tapping which is guaranteed to keep you pumped up and your foot tapping non-stop!

Users will also get the chance to try out a new Instagram filter that tracks their head movement to trigger the PUMA Mirage sneakers in the filter to tap on different beatpads to create and remix unique sound samples.

And that’s not even the colest part, those who used the Mirage face filter after it’s launched on Instagram on March 28 can present a screenshot of it and purchase any PUMA lifestyle shoes in store to enjoy 20% off PUMA lifestyle apparels!

Featuring trippy colours and eye-catching materials, the PUMA Mirage Tech collection is available now online and in-store at PUMA, JD Sports, Royal Sporting House, and selected retailers worldwide.

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