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Public Transport SOPs You Need To Know During The MCO Period

If you had some questions regarding public transportation SOPs for the MCO period, then we’ve got some answers here for you!

  1. Buses are allowed to operate during the MCO period. This includes public buses, express buses, mini buses, chartered buses, tourist buses, transit buses, airport buses, and factory buses.

  2. Bus drivers will have to be screened for symptoms and have their temperature checked before proceeding to drive passengers. They will also have to be wearing a face mask at all times. On the other hand, passengers will also have to be screened, if they have symptoms, the bus driver can disallow them from boarding the bus.

  3. If you are trying to travel inter-district and interstate, you will need to get a permission.

  4. Train services like KTM, MRT, LRT, monorail, and ERL are still in operation. Services will operate from 5 am till midnight daily. Passengers will need to have their temperature checked and also scan the MySejahtera QR code before boarding the train. You will need to have your face mask on at all times.

  5. Aviation services will be operating during the MCO period as well. This includes scheduled and unscheduled flights, cargo services, and general aviation. Just like train and bus, passengers will need to have their temperature checked and also face mask on at all times.

  6. Ferries are still operating during the MCO. There will be a physical distancing of at least 1 metre with markers laid out. Mandatory procedures like scanning the MySejahtera, temperature check, and also face mask on will be done here as well.

  7. Taxis and e-hailing services are allowed during the MCO as well, but they are limited to only 2 passengers. You will need to scan the MySejahtera QR code and wear a face mask at all times. Drivers with symptoms are not allowed to drive, while passengers with symptoms will not be allowed to use the services. These services are allowed to operate from 6 am till midnight.

  8. Lastly, courier services are allowed. Drivers will need a valid Competent Driving License (CDL) to be able to operate. The vehicles in use has to be cleaned and sanitized periodically. They are required to wear a face mask and use hand sanitizers, but will not be able to work if they have symptoms.

Source: The Star

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