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Public Duped Into Buying RM10 Face Shields From Illegal Sellers At Bangi PPV

A few days ago, a Malaysian man took to social media to claim that he was jabbed with an empty syringe during his vaccination at the Bangi Avenue Convention Centre (BACC) vaccination centre (PPV). JKJAV then responded to the allegations on Twitter, saying they will investigate the matter and take necessary actions. But before this matter can be resolved, the same PPV was accused of another issue.

Responding to JKJAV’s tweet, Twitter user Jason questioned if vaccine recipients were required to wear face shields to their appointment as many vaccine recipients have been asked to buy face shields for RM10 each outside the Bangi PPV.

Adakah wajib bagi penerima vaksin untuk memakai pelindung muka di PPV? Penerima vaksin di PPV Bangi Avenue Convention Centre diminta untuk membeli pelindung muka pada harga RM10 sekeping. Cc @Khairykj @kpdnhep — Jason (@JasonT9380) July 19, 2021

In a video shared by Jason, a man can be seen collecting money from the people lining up, although none of them was wearing a face mask, including the seller himself.

The tweet immediately went viral and many netizens criticised the illegal sellers for taking advantage of the public and lying to them, all for the sake of making money. Netizens also urged JKJAV to address the issue and take action against the face shields.

In a following tweet, JKJAV explained that the issue has since been resolved, and there would no longer be people selling face shields at the Bangi PPV.

Isu ini telah diselesaikan semalam. Tiada lagi penjualan face shield di PPV Bangi. — Vaksin COVID-19 🇲🇾 (@JKJAVMY) July 20, 2021

However, netizens were unimpressed with JKJAV’s response as the people who were duped into buying the RM10 face shields were not refunded by the sellers. More importantly, the sellers seemed to be let off the hook, despite their fraudulent actions.

Let this be a reminder to everyone that there are no rules stating that it’s mandatory for vaccine recipients to wear a face shield to their appointments, a face mask is sufficient on its own. Please do not fall for these scammers and their dirty tricks!

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