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Prince Harry’s Ex Butler Slammed For Suggesting Not To Eat Rice With Hands

Brace yourself, you might get a little triggered from what you’re about to read in this article. Ex butler of the British royal family, Grant Harrold got slammed online for suggesting a pretty insulting advice on Twitter. Not sure if he thinks that the whole world revolves around Western table manners and eating habits, but Harrold mentioned that one should not eat rice with hands or fingers.

“Ladies and gentlemen, remember we always use a knife and fork or chopsticks to eat rice!

“We do not use our hands or fingers.”

The Twitter post even came with an image of a person using knife and fork to scrape up grains of rice on a plate. This got everyone on social media criticizing and commenting on his Twitter post for sidelining South and Southeast Asian culture where it is common to eat with hands during mealtimes.

Here are some of the responses to Harrold’s tweet:

Yeah, you dont wash your butt either, I supposed…. — yam lolxboi (@HaziqR_KYbeng) March 9, 2021
Ladies and gentlemen, remember we always use water and soap to wash our butt! We do not use tissue paper !!! 😨 and who tf eats rice with a damn knife?! — 🤡 (@hautehess) March 9, 2021 — qar (@FiqarZulkifli) March 9, 2021

What do you think about this? Was it appropriate for a person from another culture to be advising everyone on how to behave?


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