• Jonathan Shiek

‘Prince’ Harry is Now Working with a Startup at Silicon Valley

Well out of the limelight and straight into the grind I guess. After the royal couple’s announcement that they will depart from the Royal Family to begin a new life as normal citizens and their interview with Oprah, Prince Harry has lived up to his claims as he was just appointed as BetterUp Inc ‘s new Chief Impact Officer.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the former prince’s new job entails giving “input into initiatives including product strategy decisions and charitable contributions,” while also serving as a public advocate. In an online interview with the Journal, Prince Harry stated that he intends to create an impact in peoples lives. He also added, that the role he was appointed was to help in acknowledging that there is nothing wrong with us in particular, but actually what has happened to us over the course of our lives

Prince Harry further stated that “Often because of societal barriers, financial difficulty, or stigma, too many people aren’t able to focus on their mental health until they’re forced to. I want us to move away from the idea that you have to feel broken before reaching out for help.”

After months and months of being hounded and bashed by the media along with other celebrities alike, not to mention the claims of racism that Meghan Markle has faced while with the Royal Family, it certainly is rather promising to see Prince Harry standing firm in his believes and being progressive.


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