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Pregnant Mom Loses Her Unborn Child Due To EMCO SOP Restrictions

Netizens were very upset after hearing news about a pregnant woman losing her unborn baby due to strict EMCO SOPs. The news got people riled up and shared throughout social media, demanding justice for the unborn child.

The devastated mother shared her story of losing her unborn child due to the police force at Bandar Baru Sentul, stopping her from leaving her apartment for a medical check-up. Apparently, the young mother informed the police that she was bleeding and had a doctor’s appointment on 6 July, but it was only after 3 days of bleeding did the PDRM allow her to finally go to her regular clinic for check-up.

The police forbade the couple from leaving the apartment on 3 July as the EMCO was just imposed in their residential area, forcing them to contact the mobile medical team for assistance. Sadly, the pregnant woman had to wait 3 arduous hours for the medical team to finally arrive. The doctor stated that the woman’s case was nothing serious, and told her to take medicine or call 999 if she begins to bleed heavily. All she was given were tablets and a sick leave slip.

Unfortunately, things didn’t get better for her, she continued to bleed which led her husband to inform the police on her condition. The PDRM finally allowed the couple to go to the clinic, which was followed by a devastating news. They were told that the baby did not have a heartbeat.

“It was on 9th July, on my birthday with a dead child in my womb,” she told FMT. “I am so sad. I want this to go public to create awareness so that no one is denied treatment for a medical emergency. I hope no other mother loses her child because of EMCO.”

“Bagi kes kecemasan seperti mendapatan rawatan kesihatan atau kematian adalah DIBENARKAN setelah mendapat kebenaran daripada PDRM.” This is the danger of allowing non-medical personnel to make medical decisions in terms of SOP in deciding what is a medical emergency and isn’t. — Dr Thanussha 🏴🇲🇾 (@DrThanussha) July 15, 2021

The Sentul district police received the complaint on the matter and said investigations revealed that the husband was advised to refer to the health ministry officers who were on duty at the EMCO area. However, Dr Thanussha Francis Xavier, the Vice President and Co-Founder of Parti MUDA said on social media that the government shouldn’t even allow non-medical personnel to make medical decisions and decide what is a medical emergency and what isn’t.


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