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Practice Self-Care With These Local Lifestyle Products From Small Business Brands

Many of us have spent majority of this year being cooped up at home and this has undoubtedly taken a toll on our mental health. Which is why we can’t stress enough about the importance of taking care of yourself whenever you can because when it comes to self-care, a little truly goes a long way.

So if you’re planning to invest a little time and money into buying things that can make you feel better, we’ve got a list of local small business brands on Instagram that you can support. After all, being able to help others is also a great way way to lift your moods and spirits!

1. Browniboikl – Premium brownies

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Nothing says pick-me-up like a box of freshly baked brownies. Made using premium halal ingredients, a decadent amount of dark chocolate chips, paired with sprinkles of sea salt flakes to give it that dangerously addictive sweet and salty taste, it’s no wonder why Browniboikl’s homemade brownies are hailed as your mum’s favourite brownies – I can personally vouch for this statement!

2. Nasheemis – Vegan scented candles

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One of the best ways to unwind after a long day is to light a scented candle and let the soothing aroma envelop your senses. Made with local palm wax, Nasheemis scented candles are 100% sustainable, natural, vegan and GMO-free, making it safe for children and pets as well.

According to business owner Nashee, each scent is named after a specific place that Nashee misses visiting while each scent is attached to a special memory, which makes the whole collection extra meaningful for both the creator and customer!

3. My Skin by Mimi – Natural body scrubs

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Another personal favourite self-care routine of mine is to take long showers to exfoliate all the dead skin cells and feel rejuvenated by the soft and supple complexion afterwards. My Skin by Mimi specialises in natural, vegan and cruelty-free aromatherapy body scrubs that are free of artificial fragrance and alcohol to cater to all skin types.

4. Jolie Flower – Floral Bouquets

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When it comes to lifting one’s spirits, there’s nothing a nicely decorated bouquet of flowers can’t do. Jolie Flower offers a wide assortment of floral arrangement styles and unique bouquet designs that are guaranteed to give your room a nice pop of colour and brighten up even the gloomiest days and moods.

5. Wow! by Peppermint – Handmade Soap Bars

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Imagine a bar soap that looks just as good as it smells, we’re not exaggerating when we say seeing these beautiful bar soap designs have already put a smile on our faces. Handmade with love, using natural and vegan ingredients, Wow! by Peppermint not only offers handmade soap bars, but they also specialise in self-care products as well, which makes it a perfect addition to this list of self-care essentials!

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