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Post-Tattoo Skincare Tips You Need To Know About

Those who have gotten a tattoo before would have heard your artist telling you to leave your skin alone while it heals. But that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore your new ink because there are still many ways for you to take care of your tattoo while it heals nicely, without irritating the gentle skin.

It’s important to remember that tattoos tend to heal differently for everyone, based on the individual’s skin type, tattoo size and types of inks used. Some people might even see their tattoo “leaking fluids” and rest assured that it’s completely normal, but generally fresh tattoos are known to peel, itch, flake, or scab during its healing process.

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One of the ways you can improve your tattoo healing process is to clean and moisturise your skin periodically. When cleaning a fresh tattoo, always make sure to use a mild, dye-free and fragrance-free soap to prevent the artificial additives from irritating your skin.

Avoid drying your tattoo with the same towel you use on the rest of your skin as this may expose it to potential germs and bacterial infection. Instead, you can gently dab it with a clean paper towel or alternatively, just let your tattoo air-dry naturally.

A good way to care for your new ink is to use moisturising products to keep it bright and healthy. While it’s best to use creams that are recommended by your artist for tattoo aftercare, you can also opt for regular moisturisers as long as they’re free of perfume, dye and alcohol as these chemicals would dry or irritate your skin and even cause the ink to fade.

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While the above steps are recommended for fresh tattoos that are less than a month old, there’s another good tip to practice if you want your tattoo to look good as new even long after it’s healed, and that’s by using sunscreen.

Like the rest of our body, tattooed skin is equally prone to premature wrinkling and even fading when it’s exposed to the sun without any SPF protection. So the next time you apply sunscreen in your skincare routine, make sure to incorporate your tattoo area as well to keep it safe from the damages of harmful UV rays.


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