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Post Malone feat. Pokemon?!

Hang on to your PokeBalls! Pokemon has announced that a concert featuring Post Malone is coming on the 28 February 2021, 8am, Malaysian Time. The concert was organized as a means to celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary.

In the teaser released by The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel, it appears that the concert will not be presented live or as a livestream, but actually a digitized version of Post Malone. Well that’s certainly a new way to enjoy the singer/rapper’s talents!

Being a longtime fan of Pokemon, Post Malone stated that he found the opportunity to be featured in the 25 year celebration concert to be “awesome”.

You will be able to enjoy the virtual concert through Pokemon’s 25th anniversary website, Twitch Channel, and YouTube Channel.

Although the concert is primarily for the celebration of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, the concert will also be used as a platform to launch Pokemon’s P25 Music program. The P25 Music program has been shrouded in mystery with little known facts thus far. However, Universal Music Singapore (UMS) appeared to have accidentally released a small part of the program as they have since deleted the post. The post (prior to deletion) revealed that a part of the program will consist of an album that features 11 original songs by 11 artists such as Katy Perry and Post Malone.

I don’t know about you guys, but I just might come in to work late to witness this concert as I am sure the concert will be very grand. After all, it isn’t everyday a title as large as Pokemon celebrates their 25th anniversary.


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