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Portuguese Mother Starts Producing Milk From Right Armpit After Giving Birth

A new mother in Portugal recently developed a strange postpartum side effect after she started producing milk, not from her breasts, but rather from her right armpit. And despite how rare this condition is, it actually happens to approximately 6% of women who are born with extra breast tissue.

It started when the 26-year-old mother felt pain in her right underarm two days after giving birth. Doctors at the the Lisbon’s Hospital de Santa Maria then found a round mass in her armpit, which “released a white discharge” when it was pressed. The discharge was later identified as milk.

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The doctors eventually diagnosed the woman with polymastia, which is the condition of having additional breast tissue in the body. In the woman’s case, the extra breast tissue had been present in her right armpit since she was born, but it was only detected during postpartum period.

In some rare instances, polymastia might come with an extra nipple or an areola. And believe it or not, this condition can’t really be helped because it happens during fetal development, when the precursor mammary gland cells start forming breast tissues from the armpit all the way to the groin on either halves of the body, which forms a line known as the “mammary ridge” or “milk line”.

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While these lines usually disappear in every part of the body except the breasts, which explains why we have nipples, sometimes the remaining breast tissue stays in other parts of the body, thus causing polymastia.

As if this condition isn’t frustrating enough, these extra breast tissues are also susceptible to breast cancer, which is why doctors often encourage everyone to regularly examine ourselves to detect any signs of abnormalities, just in case. Remember prevention is always better than cure.


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