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Popular Volleyball Anime “Haikyu!!” May Be Adapted Into A Mobile Game Soon

“Haikyu!!”, one of the most popular sports anime is said to be having a mobile game adaptation very soon, and I am incredibly excited! While awaiting for the fifth season of the anime to drop, the said mobile game will apparently follow closely to the anime’s storyline.

When the manga finally ended in 2020, fans were devastated that their favourite anime will be coming to an end too, but thankfully G Holdings announced that they will be working on the mobile game that will include a story mode and a full-fledged volleyball experience for the hardcore fans.

While there isn’t a lot of details on the game’s play-through and release date yet, fans are already satisfied that there will be a Haikyu!! mobile game that lets them continue their dreams to become the next volleyball star.

Credit: The Global Coverage

In case you don’t read the manga or watch the anime, Haikyu!! is a story about a small-statured Shoyou Hinata, who has big dreams of becoming a great volleyball player. In a surprising twist, his arch nemesis in his previous competition becomes his new teammate. In the story, you’ll be able to experience humour, heartwarming, heart drenching moments in this addictive anime.


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