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Popular 90s Toy Tamagotchi Is Making A Comeback With Its New Smartwatch

Real 90s kids would probably remember the iconic Tamagotchi toy, which comes in the form of a digital pet that you can feed, play with, and care for. Sadly, most of your Tamagotchis would’ve been dead by now considering most people have long misplaced the egg-shaped device that houses the Tamagotchi. But don’t worry because you can soon relive your nostalgia the new Tamagotchi smartwatch!

Developed by its original creator Bandai, the Tamagotchi Smart comes with a touch feature that allows you to wake up your pet and pet them – how adorable! The Tamagotchi Smart is also equipped with voice controls that you can use to wake your pet up, but don’t expect it to have advanced speech recognition functions because this is still a toy that’s designed for children.

In a YouTube video featuring the new product, the Tamagotchi Smartwatch even seems to allow users to listen to music on the device itself.

But more importantly, the Tamagotchi Smart will also come with smartwatch features like a digital clock and pedometer, imagine tracking your steps while taking your Tamagotchi on a walk!

For now, the Tamagotchi Smartwatch is said to go on sale in Japan in November for around $60 (RM249), but nothing seems to be set for an international release. Would you get your hands on the new smartwatch if it ever becomes available in Malaysia?


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