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Political Troll Page Gets Slammed for Insensitive Remarks on Facebook

Once again, Malaysians are forced to deal with sexist stances and statements following a Facebook post from Pejabat Timbalan Kanan Setia and on International Women’s Day no less (the audacity).

Credits: Wanita Keadilan Johor (Facebook)

In order to commemorate the occasion and to celebrate women, the political organisation, Wanita Keadilan Johor organised a program which allows women to obtain sanitary pads and food for free. This program was specifically targeted for underprivileged women as period poverty is a very real problem that affects many women across the nation – read also.

Credits: Wanita Keadilan Johor

The program was heavily praised by a lot of netizens of Facebook but one political troll page, Pejabat Timbalan Kanan Setia decided to rain on the parade.

Credits: Pejabat Timbalan Kanan Setia (Facebook)

As seen in the post above, they questioned the political organisations decision to distribute pads in a rather vulgar way.

To nobody’s surprise, the post received heavy criticism from other Facebook users saying that the admin of the post is sexist and has an outdated mindset. Among the hate comments, one of them brought up a very important topic of period poverty and how the topic of menstruation should no longer be taboo as it is natural.

Personally, I am flabbergasted at how backwards some people can be. It is 2021 people! Get with the times.


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