• Jonathan Shiek

Polish Man Sets Record For Failing His Driver’s Test For The 192nd Time

After 17 years and 191 attempts later, a 50-year-old man in Poland has broken the record for highest number of failures on a driver’s theory test.

Like in Malaysia, Poland’s theory test is required to be passed by learners before they can consider taking a practical on-the-road exam.

And in case you’re wondering how difficult the test is, it is reported that Poland’s version of the theory test is pretty tough, but most new drivers usually require only two to three attempts before they succeed and move on to the practical driving phase.

However, there was an individual who had to retake it 40 times before getting their license, which was the highest record until it was broken by, you guessed it, this guy with an additional 152 failures.

To make matters worse, the endless attempts have already cost the man hundreds of hours and approximately US$1,557 (RM6,412) in retake fees, and the poor guy hasn’t even gotten a chance to touch the wheel yet!

Since there’s no limit for an individual to retake their driver’s test in Poland, people can just keep trying until they succeed, or in this man’s case, until they try again.


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