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Police Station Chief And 7 Others Arrested For Hosting Wild Party At Kajang Police Station

There’s an old Chinese saying, “the most dangerous place can be the safest place” because no one would expect others to hide in someplace dangerous in times of trouble. But the same can’t be said for this group of police officers who were caught partying… at their own police station.

According to Berita Harian, a group of policemen from the Bukit Aman Standards Compliance Integrity Department (JIPS) raided a police station in Kajang on Tuesday (19 July) evening, after they received information from the public.

True enough, up to eight individuals, including a police station chief (OCS), three policemen and four women were caught partying inside a room on the second floor of the station. The group was found to be singing karaoke, dancing, and consuming alcohol and ketum drinks inside the room, which was decorated with disco lights.

That’s not all, the Bukit Aman police also found pornographic content of one of the police officers with a woman. The police have since confiscated the pictures as well as the bottles of liquor and ketum drinks, disco lights, microphones, speakers, audio amplification equipment, recorders, and a TV unit.

Bukit Aman JIPS director Datuk Azri Ahmad said they will not compromise on the matter if the officers involved were found to be violating the SOPs. The incident is being investigated under Section 269 of the Penal Code for negligence that may result in the transmission of any infectious disease that could be life-threatening.


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