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Police Found And Detonated A World War II-Era Mortar Bomb At Sungai Tapah

On 10 October, locals in a quiet village at Perak called Sungai Tapah discovered something shocking at the area. They stumbled upon a World War II-era mortar bomb that had surprisingly stayed unexploded all these years.

Acting fast, the villagers called the police who immediately sent a bomb disposal unit to the area. “We sent a bomb disposal squad there and they managed to defuse the bomb without causing any damage to the surrounding area,” said Ipoh police chief Yahaya Hassan.

A TikTok user, @qasehazhar_ filmed the police detonating the bomb, proving that even though it is old, it could still produce a really loud explosion. In the video, you can clearly hear a police officer telling people to take cover, followed with a count down before detonating the bomb.

The viral TikTok video has since garnered 409.2K likes, 8.5K comments, and 5K shares as of writing.


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