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Pocotee And Friends, More Than Just Cartoon Characters

I’m sure most of us have seen Pocotee & Friends all over Malaysia, but we never really knew who started these unique cartoon characters. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got all the scoop right here in New Society!

Pocotee & Friends characters belong to a character-licensing company called Safe Tree Sdn Bhd, which is owned by entrepreneur Dylan Ang since 2009. The unique characters besides Pocotee are, Mr Jiu, HapiMo, BearBoss, Mao, Please J, Hapi Chick, and Dino Dino. They all have a pretty similar art style, with very cute and detailed personalities attached to them. 

So, the big question is what does “Pocotee” even mean? The name apparently came from a combination of 2 words, “Poco” which means ‘small’ and “Tee” meaning ‘teeth’ in French. What a cute name! 

Let me enlighten you on where you probably saw Pocotee and all her wonderful friends, Watsons collaborated with Pocotee & Friends to have the character designs on all their merchandise, products, and gifts in their year end and cuti-cuti sale, collaboration with Fiffy children clothing, collaboration with Naturals by Watsons for the World Tapir Day merchandise, collaboration with Chatime, collaboration with Steelseries, and many others! And, these are only in Malaysia, Pocotee & Friends also made a name for themselves in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Here’s a couple of awards they manage to bag since they’ve started up:

  1. Best Digital & Online Comic 2013 (Winner)

  2. Golden Phoenix Award 2013 (Winner)

  3. Asia Honesty Enterprise Award 2013 (Winner)

  4. Asia Honesty Product Award 2013 (Winner)

  5. Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award 2013 (Winner)

  6. Asia’s Top 100 Honesty Brand Award 2013/2014 (Winner)

  7. Digi WWWOW Judge Choice Award 2014 (Winner)

  8. National Intellectual Property Award 2016 (Copyright category) (Silver)

  9. International Prestige Brand Award – Brand of the Year Awards 2017 (Winner)

  10. Nobel Laureates Series: Brand Excellence Award 2018 (Winner)

  11. Malaysia Social Media Week Awards 2018, Social Media Excellence Awards – Best Marketing Campaign 2018 (Winner)

  12. Malaysia Social Media Chambers Award (The Best Licensed Promotion Of The Year 2019) (Winner)

  13. Licensing International Asian Award (The Corporate Brand/ Lifestyle Property of The Year Award 2020) (Nominated)

Pocotee & Friends are everywhere, featured on newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations, and other online media platforms. The characters are so distinct that they have their very own stickers to be used on WhatsApp and WeChat – How amazing is that! On top of that, they’ve done movie themed caricatures, comics, and illustrations of popular actors, actresses, and celebrities like Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, and others!

If you’d like to collaborate or partner with Pocotee & Friends, do hit them up via email at or Check out more of their work on their Facebook page!

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