• Jonathan Shiek

PM To Announce Relaxation Of SOPs For Those Who Are Fully Vaccinated Within Next 2 Days

With yesterday hitting an all-time high with 20k new cases, people are starting to worry whether being fully vaccinated is going to protect them. And weirdly enough, our PM announced yesterday that he will soon be revealing the relaxation of SOPs for those who have already gotten 2 doses of vaccine. There’s clearly a split in reactions within the country, some prefer the SOPs to remain strict for the safety of our people and some prefer the rules to be relaxed in order to slowly transition back to our “old normal”.

Malaysian PM said that, “I too have completed my two doses but am still being restricted as we have yet to announce any easing of restrictions such as interstate or inter-district travel to allow people to see their loved ones. We will decide on that including other social aspects that people wanted such as allowing dine-in where families can have dinner together. Once the announcement has been made, restaurants, or food outlets can make the necessary preparations.”

He also added that they are currently still looking into allowing people to carry out sport activities. “People can play tennis, badminton, golf or even go to the gym but this is still being considered by the National Security Council (NSC),” he added.

What do you think? Is this a good idea?


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