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PM: Highway Users Should Be Given A Choice Of Payment Methods At Tolls

Credit: The Malaysian Reserve

Due to public criticism, PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob said users should be given an option to choose their payment methods for tolling. Apparently, the Cabinet has discussed about this issue and agreed that highway users should be given freedom to pick.

Previously, the Works Ministry announced that it will phase out Touch N' Go and SmartTAG use by the end of 2023 and aims to implement Multi-Lane-Free-Flow by 2026. This decision did not sit well with citizens, as they will need to pay a fee of RM35 for the RFID sticker and dispose of their Touch 'N Go cards or SmartTAGs.

On top of that, there was a recent traffic congestion at various toll plazas due to RFID tag detection issues. Several staff at the toll plazas were deployed to assist RFID users due to its defect. Meanwhile, those who are facing problems with their RFID tags will be handed a coupon for RFID inspection at a TNG RFID Fitment centre.

Do you prefer sticking to the current TNG, SmartTAG, and RFID lanes, or have them streamlined to just RFID?


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