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Pickupp: Trends That Redefine Last-Mile Delivery In Malaysia

As consumers increasingly show a preference for e-commerce, the efficiency of supply chain operations is crucial, especially as Malaysia has recently entered the first of a multi-phase lockdown to break the chain of Covid-19 infections. Today, all businesses must prioritize the customer experience by having a solid fulfilment strategy.

Last-mile delivery is a crucial component of logistics and fulfilment and optimized last-mile delivery services can help e-commerce players optimize their operations, saving a great deal of time and money. As more and more businesses understand the crucial role last-mile delivery plays, they will incorporate it into their business models.

As e-commerce players have identified last-mile service as a key differentiator, how will it continue to reshape our life in 2021 and beyond?

Technological Revolution

Covid-19 has accelerated digitisation and opting for last-mile delivery has become a must for all e- commerce retailers to meet consumer demand while helping a business strive forth in the increasingly competitive market. As customers are more involved in tracking their deliveries, timely updates are crucial for a smooth delivery experience, as the market standard progresses from 2-day deliveries to next-day or even same-day deliveries, as we have seen in mature markets such as the United States and China.

Pickupp uses automation and batching technology to improve their operational workflow. This allows us to fulfil deliveries quickly and effectively from their warehouses. For example, Pickupp route optimization and warehouse management software map out optimized and cost-efficient routes for delivery agents. The data collected through real-time tracking is applied in machine learning to analyze and further optimize the delivery process.

Pickupp offers fast, efficient, and scalable services to help businesses meet dynamic market demands. Keeping Pickupp’s operations agile and nimble through the use of automation allows our team to focus on strategy, data insights, and process optimisation to ensure operational excellence while allowing software to perform basic decision making such as sorting and route planning in an instant.

Disrupting Last-Mile Delivery with Walkers

As delivery has become even more important, there is a need for solutions that offer an efficient and smooth delivery experience at any time. We are seeing more innovative approaches by last-mile delivery companies around the world. In some markets such as Hong Kong, Pickupp has walkers – agents who deliver goods on foot – in local districts. When orders scale in a short time, businesses can rely on walkers to fulfil deliveries within their dedicated area because they are mobile and more flexible than delivery agents in vehicles, without any concerns over parking or navigating through traffic.

Walkers at Pickupp can ramp up a businesses’ delivery capacity 5x at any given time of the year, preventing bottlenecks during demand spikes and saving up to 33 percent in delivery costs. Businesses no longer need to worry about logistics and are well-positioned to take as many orders as they can, driving sales and revenue.

Apart from Pickupp Hong Kong, the company rolled out the service in Singapore, and is also looking to implement walkers locally, thanks to positive trends in the Malaysian public transportation system. This would offer merchants flexibility in choosing services and pave the way for individuals who do not own a vehicle to supplement their income by becoming Pickupp Delivery Agents, especially during this time of uncertainty. To date, Pickupp Malaysia has created earning opportunities for 25,000 independent delivery agents.

Delivery To Optimise Business

Established retailers have learned from the pandemic that e-commerce is now a necessity, and speed is the secret sauce for winning in the battle of online commerce, from adjusting strategy to the efficient delivery of products and services. Successful businesses adopted digital solutions quickly to ensure a smooth shopping experience for their customers. A good case in point is FashionValet, a homegrown market leader in modest fashion and apparel. As consumers now expect next-day delivery, FashionValet looked to a technology driven last-mile provider that could guarantee next-day deliveries during Hari Raya, a peak sale period. Due to the MCO restricting in-store shopping, consumers needed their Hari Raya shopping delivered in time for the festive season. As Pickupp could guarantee the delivery of thousands of these Hari Raya packages, FashionValet was able to accept orders up to the day before Hari Raya, providing a smooth delivery experience for their customers.

Delivery delays are intolerable, especially when your business aspires to expand overseas. Understanding international and local logistics on one’s own could cause opportunity costs and miss the best timing to take the market. As such, partnering with a dedicated expert allows businesses to focus on strategy and business growth while allowing a last-mile specialist to optimize and take delivery experiences to new heights.

2020 led to a monumental shift in the importance of delivery to people’s daily lives as well as business success. We are seeing this continue into 2021, especially as dependence on delivery services is an everyday reality due to movement restrictions necessitated by the pandemic. It is never too late to start planning for the logistics of fulfilling this growing volume of orders. As logistics giants prepare to meet demands during the total lockdown in Malaysia, business leaders across all sectors must prepare their businesses to move with the tides of a dynamic marketplace by putting delivery at the heart of their business planning.

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