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Philips To Partner With Disney To Create Kid-Friendly MRI Machines

MRI scans can get pretty intimidating and scary from the loud noises and claustrophobic space in the machine, especially for kids. This is why Philips will be partnering with Disney to create a better and fun experience with a more kid-friendly MRI machine.

Credit: Mashable SEA

Philip is know for creating an array of electronics and advanced medical imaging equipment like MRI machines. Disney will be partnering with them to include custom-made animations and stories for the MRI scanners like Mickey Mouse, The Little Mermaid, Marvel’s Avengers, Star Wars, and other popular franchises.

The Disney animations will be presented via Philips’ Ambient Experience feature, which works by combining dynamic lighting, video projections, and sound to create a lighter and fun atmosphere for younger patients. This is apparently not the only effort Philips has done, the company had already worked to put over 2,000 Philips Ambient Experience installations in hospitals and medical facilities across the world to allow patients to tweak the ambience of the room and enjoy projections while having their MRI scans.

As for now, trials for this partnership will be made at 6 hospitals across Europe over summer of 2021, to determine how they can improve the experience for both patients and clinicians while seeing if it helps alleviate anxiety in younger patients.


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