• Jonathan Shiek

Phasmophobia Rolls Out Update That Gamers Think They’ve Been Playing

The popular horror game that has been released since September 2020 recently gotten a new update that gamers thought they’ve been playing all these time! Is this déjà vu? You are probably one of those Phasmophobia gamers that thought that they could communicate with the in-game ghosts, but couldn’t.

Kinetic Games recently rolled out a new update which will allow the ghosts to listen to players’ voices when hunting and will search those locations. Apparently it’s still in the experimental phase so if there are any problems, file a complain over to them! They also mentioned that the voice update is based on the volume of your mic, so you’ll be able to whisper during a hunt.

The voice update is based on how loud your mic is. So you will be able to whisper during a hunt. — Phasmophobia (@KineticGame) January 11, 2021

Source: Pokde

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