• Jonathan Shiek

Pfizer Vaccine Has 100 Percent Efficiency When Administered Young People

With the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines rolled out and being administered, post-inoculation observations has indicated that it may be more efficient in adults which translates to the vaccine being a success.

To add onto that success, a recent clinical trial has found that the Pfizer vaccine has even higher efficiency in younger people aged between 12 – 15 years old as the trial uncovered that higher antibodies were developed after the vaccine was administered.

Out of the 1,131 teens involved in the test, not a single individual developed any COVID-19 symptoms which in theory, means that the vaccine has a 100 percent efficiency when administered to young people.

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

These results certainly shows that mass deployment for the vaccine to younger people is generally the best step in shielding our future generations from the virus. That said, there are still the usual side effects that come with the vaccine but its very minor as compared to adults.

Well here’s hoping that these new findings push people to get vaccinated as in Malaysia, many people are still rather hesitant to get themselves and more importantly, their children vaccinated. For one, I blame WhatsApp group chats for coming up with all sorts of useless rumors and theories but thankfully MCMC is cracking down on these ‘Aunty’ group chats.


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