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Pfizer's Booster Shot Can Allegedly Neutralise Omicron & Increase Antibodies

According to Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE, its booster shot can allegedly neutralise the Omicron variant as its initial laboratory study demonstrated the vaccine's ability to curb the variant with a third dose. On top of that, additional studies shown that the Pfizer vaccine can also increase antibodies by 25-fold.

“According to the companies’ preliminary data, a third dose provides a similar level of neutralising antibodies to Omicron as is observed after two doses against wild-type and other variants that emerged before Omicron. Our preliminary, first data-set indicate that a third dose could still offer a sufficient level of protection from disease of any severity caused by the Omicron variant,” Pfizer shared.

“We continue to work on an adapted vaccine which, we believe, will help to induce a high level of protection against Omicron-induced Covid-19 diseases as well as prolonged protection compared to the current vaccine”, said CEO and Co-Founder of BioNTech Ugur Shain, M.D.

Have you gotten your booster shot?


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