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Petroleum Jelly: Your Lifesaver For Almost Every Situation

The name petroleum jelly might sound weird to the unacquainted, because why the heck would you want a jelly that smells like petrol. But don’t worry because contrary to popular belief, petroleum jelly doesn’t smell like petrol at all because it’s completely odourless and tasteless!

Petroleum jelly actually forms when mineral oils and waxes mix together and result in a semisolid jelly-like substance. Since petroleum helps to seal your skin with a water-protective barrier, it acts as a great agent for skin healing and helps to retain moisture.

Petroleum jelly was first discovered in 1859 when Robert Augustus Chesebrough noticed how oil workers would use a gooey jelly to heal their wounds and burns. He then extracted some petroleum jelly and manufacture it into the popular Vaseline that we know and love today.

Apart from healing uses, petroleum jelly also comes with tons of benefits, like:

1. Moisturise chapped lips, dry skin, cracked heels

While most people tend to use petroleum jelly like a chapstick on chapped lips, it can also be used as a moisturiser after shower helps to prevent your skin from drying out. I, for one, found that it works wonders on my dry nose.

Those who struggle with cracked heels can also try soaking your feet in warm water with a little salt added to it, and towel-drying it before applying petroleum jelly and covering your feet with a pair of clean socks. The same can be done on your dog’s cracked paw pad too!

2. Prevent diaper rash

Petroleum jelly is known to help with diaper rash in babies because it can form a protective barrier that helps to protect the skin from constant exposure to moisture in wet diapers, which is what causes diaper rash in the first place. Simply clean and towel-dry your baby’s bottom before applying petroleum jelly to the skin.

3. Remove eye makeup

Since oil is an an effective makeup remover, having a bottle petroleum jelly is definitely your lifesaver when you run out of actual makeup remover. Simply apply some Vaseline onto a cotton pad or cotton swab and gently wipe it around the area as you close your eyes.

And don’t worry because a study on eye ultrasounds shows that petroleum jelly is completely safe to use around the eyes, some people even swear by using it on crow’s feet wrinkles!

4. Save split ends

Who would’ve thought petroleum jelly can even be used on hair. Because petroleum jelly is able to seal in moisture, it helps to control the dryness from split ends, add shine to your hair and prevent breakage. All you need to do rub some Vaseline between your palms and apply it to the end of your hair.

5. Prevent skin staining from nail polish or hair dye

This has definitely been the most surprising but useful tip for me since I’ve started using petroleum jelly. Since petroleum jelly acts like a barrier on your skin that can be easily wiped away, you can apply it around your hairline or nails so the hair dye and nail polish wouldn’t stain directly on your skin, and can be wiped away when you’re done.


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