• Jonathan Shiek

Period Underwear, What Is It?

Don’t get the usual ‘period panties’ that you wear whenever you’re going through menstruation because those undies lost their beauty after many times of getting blood on them. Period Underwear is an undergarment that absorbs liquid without leaking or staining – doesn’t that sound divine?

Period underwear don’t have to be ugly and bulky, they are rather comfy and can come in pretty designs! Those aren’t even the best parts about it, it doesn’t leak through the edges, you don’t have to change them multiple times a day, and it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting on a giant wet diaper throughout the day! A big green thumbs up for the environment and from me!

How does it actually work? Just like regular pair of panties, you change them out every morning and and before you head to bed, there’s no need to swap them out every few hours. However, this also depends on the type of underwear you buy as well as your menstruation flow. Most brands have about 3 layers of absorbent material at the crotch area of the underwear, similar to a pad, it keeps all the liquid in to keep the blood from leaking out the sides.

There are some pairs with high absorbency which looked like shorts, don’t even feel like a diaper. Just think of it as a pair of supportive yoga shorts. A couple of brands that carry period underwear are Kotex, XIXILI, Summer and Peach, Dear Kate, and Marks and Spencer.

Would you try a pair? I think with all these information, it kind of gives me some insight I never knew about Period Underwear, I might actually try it out myself!


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